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飛影 | [ Hiei ]
26 July 2011 @ 11:03 am
[ The feed turns on to catch a certain half demon in the midst of hacking at something. He wasn't going to let something as little as a power cap to slow him down. He didn't stop to train his useless mortal body to do nothing. He's going to make sure that he gets through with this.

He stopped short when he felt like something was watching him. A sharp movement on his side but it vanished without a second glance. He didn't like it. The half breed had been on guard for the time he was here and he didn't like the eyes that were watching him. Especially those eyes that vanish when he looked their way.

There were all other types of weird shit going on that he didn't exactly want to participate in at the moment. He really just wanted to get out of here, but that was going to be harder than he anticipated. For all those warnings he had gotten, he took a few of them seriously while the others were left for actual evidence. ]


[ Open post for anyone to bug him and stuff. Feel free to he's annoyed but he can't hurt anyone too much or even bother. He's too ticked off at everything else XD. Short stuff needs friends anyway? XD ]
31 May 2011 @ 01:19 pm
[ Hiei's Inbox ]
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[ ooc: this is for any ic/ooc contact. put ic or ooc in the subject line but yeah think of it like a voicemail for a cell phone XD ]
31 May 2011 @ 06:42 am
NAME: Hiei ( 飛影 Flying Shadow ) aka Jaganshi Hiei (Jaganshi is a surname used for Hiei's Jagan. It translates literally to The Evil Eye Master or Master of the Evil Eye)
SERIES: Yu Yu Hakusho
TIMELINE: Post Series
AGE: 16-99 years old. From the perception of Yukina being between those ages. Hiei is her twin so he would most likely be about the same age. She has yet to hit puberty and so does Hiei. Hence...the age analyzing.
HEIGHT: 5'3" by artbook standards stating that he and his friends had grown throughout the series even though it wasn't mentioned in the manga or anime it was mentioned in the artbook. reference wiki for proof! 4'10" as mentioned by Juri only with the fact that his hair added the extra inch or so. I'm seriously not making this up XD
A p p e a r a n c eCollapse )
B a c k g r o u n dCollapse )
A b i l i t i e sCollapse )
P e r s o n a l i t yCollapse )
This is a permission post for Hiei's Jagan ability.

The Jagan Eye:
-He can see everything basically unless there is some form of power blocking him from seeing and hearing everything from hundreds and hundred of miles away.
-It was implanted in him when he was searching for his lost teardrop and the Hyouga tribe, that tossed him over the cliff, hence it's tracking abilities. Anyone with any form of Ki, (Youki, Reiki, etc.) will be easily tracked if he knows your ki.
-The Jagan allows him to mind control Level E humans and Level E demons. Mean very weak demons and humans with very little or no spiritual abilities.
-He can use them to his advantages as well as read open minds unless there is a mental barrier or an unknown source of power to prevent him from doing so otherwise.
-Telekinesis is also something he is capable of at certain times.
-He can also manipulate memories like hypnosis.

Most of the time in Facility 1 for sanity purposes, Hiei will not be able to use his Hypnosis technique and Mind Control. Watching, Tracking, Mind reading and Telekinesis abilities will also take up less of a range and require more energy. He'll be exhausted after a while whereas usually he wouldn't be. Some things will be blurry and others will be clear. That and also the nerf of 50% on him. Meaning less effectiveness.

In Facility 3 well all those abilities are released @ 100% means more mind fucking.

So, please tell me if I can do any of these things on your character or none at all. Yes, Hiei's got some crazy mind fucking abilities... he could really mess someone's mentality up if he wanted, but he doesn't do that often. Know that he doesn't use these abilities too often either. He only does it for a reason.

23 May 2011 @ 06:59 pm
→ Concrit post
→ Constructive criticisim only. I don't deal with flamers are people who want to just cuss me out. Be civil.
→ So how am I as Hiei? Too much too little? Need work doing great? Just say it x3
→ All comments are screened.